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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Walking into prime + process you'll be greeted by a stylist, not a receptionist, no need to check-in.  Hipster BBQ + Beach Bar Lounge are the usual music selections. Kevin Murphy's luxurious scents of patchouli, mandarin & bergamot fill the room.  Relax on the sofa sipping a coffee or latte, brewed on the Jura.  Seasonally spend your color processing time on the  patio,

indulging in a glass of wine.

Stylists at p + p love their careers, and continue to educate themselves with the latest trends + skills.  We find professionalism  just important as laughter; Rose currently the salon comedian. Our values of inclusion & diversity enforced by all, makes our salon perfect for everyone.  Laid back vibes & comfort are always favored by fashionista, Ali.

We look forward to meeting you!

Juli owner


Meet The Team

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